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Recommended books for very advanced learners of Mandarin Chinese (HSK 6)

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Planning to ace your HSK 6 examination or just want to read the very best books for your level? This is the place for you. Enjoy the read and be proud of your achievement so far down the learning journey. 

Pick the perfect books for you

Congratulations! You have reached the very top level of knowledge down the learning path of Mandarin Chinese. These are the books that we consider to be very useful and interesting for you given the cultural topics that they present such as modern Chinese literature and society as well as contemporary films.

We want to let you know that we invested time researching the marketplace for the best Mandarin Chinese textbooks and other printed materials, so you don’t have to. Just scroll, read and pick the ones you like or need the most. 

Before you start browsing, know that for a complete and solid foundation in Mandarin Chinese, we recommend that you pair your printed or other online learning resources with our Online Mandarin Chinese Dictionary for HSK for the simple reason that it is the only online dictionary that you will ever need to learn Chinese both thoroughly and quickly.

Enjoy your Mandarin Chinese learning journey and feel free to return to us anytime; our doors are always open.

HSK Standard Course Level 6A covers 2250 words (of Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6a) and language points required by the HSK Level 6 test. The book is illustrated with photos that match the test’s style and is printed in full colour. 

This course is developed for students who want to learn all aspects of the Chinese language. You will get a lot of practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course also matches the HSK test in all aspects, from the content and form to the levels. So students can attend the HSK level 6 test after finishing this course.

There are 20 lessons in this course. The topics are as follows:

Unit 1 shēng huó diǎn   Moments of Life

Lesson 1 孩子 háizi gěi 我们 wǒmen de 启示 qǐshì An epiphany from the children

Lesson 2 父母 fù mǔ zhī ài Love of parents

Lesson 3 月饼 yuè bǐng A box of moon cakes

Lesson 4 完美 wánměi de 胜利 shènglì A perfect victory

Unit 2 gān Píng yōng   Unwilling to be mediocre

Lesson 5 xué Mén wài yāo yóu Do we need a reason to learn a foreign language

Lesson 6 dāng hǎo 职场 zhí chǎng chā Bān shēng Be a good transfer student in a workplace

Lesson 7 de rén shēng zuò zhǔ I’m the master of my own life

Lesson 8 遇见 yù jiàn yuán lái de Meeting the old me

Unit 3 duō cǎi shè huì Colorful society

Lesson 9 yòng shǒu de A day without a cell phone

Lesson 10 Quán qiú huā shì Zhōng de 中国 Zhōngguó 美食 měi shí Chinese food in the global context

Lesson 11 zài shí māo zài gān 什么 shénme What do the cats do when I’m not home

Lesson 12 我们 wǒmen dōu ài Bái zào yīn We all love white noise

Unit 4 zǒu biàn tiān xià Traveling around the world

Lesson 13 Cóng 旅游 lǚyóu zhǐ Nán kān Shì shì biàn qiān How travel guides reflect the changes in the world

Lesson 14 bēi zhāo diàn fàn guō pāi 北极 běijí Photographing the North Pole carrying an electric cooker on the back

Lesson 15 Shān mài shǎng de 雕刻 diāokè Sculptures on the mountain range

Lesson 16 jiàn de shēng dòng shè yǐng Shī men Xu Jian and his team of wildlife photographers

Unit 5 Měi jiā Yuán Our beautiful world 

Lesson 17 xiǎo dòng yǎn Zhōng de màn Shì jiè The slow world in small animals’ eyes

Lesson 18 神奇 shénqí de 丝瓜 sī guā The magical towel gourd

Lesson 19 yáng guāng de shēn Hǎi     Shì jiè The deep sea without sunshine

Lesson 20 Jīn The golden henhouse

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HSK Standard Course Level 6B covers 2500 words (of Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and language points required by the HSK Level 6 test. The book is illustrated with photos that match the test’s style and is printed in full colour. 

This course is developed for students who want to learn all aspects of the Chinese language. You will get a lot of practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course also matches the HSK test in all aspects, from the content and form to the levels. So students can attend the HSK level 6 test after finishing this course.

There are 20 lessons in this course. The topics are as follows:

Unit 6 wèi Shì jiè The fun world

Lesson 21 未来 wèilái 商店 shāngdiàn Future shops

Lesson 22 2050 Nián de Chē 什么 shénme yàng What will cars be like in 2050

Lesson 23 数据 shùjù shí dài The big data era

Lesson 24 Míng xīng men de 遭遇 zāoyù Sports stars’ strange experiences

Unit 7 Jīng diǎn yuè dòu Reading the classics

Lesson 25 cǎo chuán jiè jiàn Borrowing arrows with thatched boats

Lesson 26 奇异 qí yì de 灯光 dēng guāng The extraordinary light

Lesson 27 wán Guī zhào Returning the jade intact to the State of Zhao

Lesson 28 Gāo Shān liú Shuǐ zhī yīn The sincere friendship between Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi

Unit 8 rén tàn Exploring the human body

Lesson 29 xiào de bèi wàng A memorandum of laughing

Lesson 30 shuì hǎo le Did you sleep well?

Lesson 31 运动 yùndòng de 学问 xuéwèn Knowledge of physical activity

Lesson 32 yǒu shí fáng bēi shāng Sometimes it’s good to be sad

Unit 9 jīn lǎn Reading extensively

Lesson 33 怀 Huái niàn màn shēng huó Cherishing the memory of slow life

Lesson 34 wéi Wén ér shēng de rén A person who was born for cultural relics

Lesson 35 走近 zǒu jìn bǎn Nián huà Approaching the woodblock New Year Pictures

Lesson 36 中国 Zhōngguó 古代 gǔdài 书院 shū yuàn The ancient Chinese academies

Unit 10 diǎn duī zōng Tracing the hot topics

Lesson 37 警察 jǐngchá de 故事 gùshì Stories of the policemen

Lesson 38 huì yǎn 捕捉 bǔzhuō 商机 shāng jī Having an insight into business opportunities.

Lesson 39 互联 hù lián wǎng shí dài de 生活 shēnghuó Life in the Internet era

Lesson 40 rén lèi chāo Néng huì gǎi biàn Shì jiè Will superman’s powers change the world records?

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The Routledge Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course: Crossing Cultural Boundaries is an innovative multimedia course for advanced students of Chinese. Written by a team of highly experienced instructors, the book offers advanced learners the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge of Chinese through a wide range of activities designed to build up both excellent language skills and cultural literacy.

Divided into four thematic units covering popular culture, social change, cultural traditions, and politics and history, with each unit presenting three individual lessons, the volume provides students with a structured course which efficiently supports the transition from an intermediate to an advanced level. The many different texts featured throughout the lessons present interesting and accurate information about contemporary China and introduce students to useful vocabulary, speech patterns, and idiosyncratic language usage.

Key features include:

  • Lively and detailed discussions of grammatical points and sentence patterns
  • Engaging exercises for developing grammatical concepts and insight into the character writing system
  • Systematic review of earlier material to ensure consolidation of learning
  • Coverage of diverse and culturally relevant topics such as online dating, changing views of marriage, food culture, Confucianism and democracy in China.
  • Extensive cultural and historical notes providing background to the subjects presented
  • Complementary downloadable resources to enhance listening skills.
  • Free companion website ( offering a wealth of video content forming the basis of many of the listening activities linked to topics within the book.

Extensively revised and updated throughout, this new edition includes new material and activities on synonyms and substantial improvements to the “composition”, “Focus on characters” and “Language practicum” sections.

The improved Instructor’s Resource Manual, which includes activity tips, additional exercises, answer keys and the traditional character texts, is available at

Mastering Advanced Modern Chinese through the Classics is a textbook to teach those who wish to achieve an advanced or native proficiency and cultural competence in modern Chinese, as well as to experience the beauty of Classical Chinese literature.

Collecting representative works containing vibrant views of Chinese culture from different dynasties.

This book is focused on how the

  • grammatical patterns
  • vocabulary and
  • idioms that are found in Classical Chinese are relevant in the modern adaptation of the language, and how
  • the accumulated traditional values and
  • beliefs found there still shape the thinking and lifestyle of modern society.

Online resources including

  • audio
  • answer keys and
  • instructor aids will be part of the teaching package.

A revised one-volume edition of the popular upper-level Chinese language textbook

Since its first publication in 1999, Literature and Society has been widely used in Chinese-language classes at major universities and language institutions. In this completely revised edition, designed for upper-level students, this classic textbook continues to explore a variety of contemporary Chinese social issues through the study of Chinese literary works and essays.

This new edition condenses and consolidates the original two-volume set into one convenient volume. The first section, “Literature,” includes essays, short stories, and a play, and features a range of writers: Lu Xun, Lin Yutang, Liang Shiqiu, Wang Li, Xie Bingying, and Wang Meng. The second section, “Society,” includes essays by Fei Xiaotong, Ma Yinchu, Wu Han, Liang Sicheng, and Chen Hengzhe. 

Literature and Society remains an innovative way for students to sharpen their Chinese language abilities while learning more about important areas of Chinese culture.

The selections delve into such subjects as population issues, ethics, marriage, the lives of intellectuals, and challenges faced by minorities in China.

Each selection begins with a brief introduction about the author and concludes with discussion questions.

The simplified character text and corresponding vocabulary words face each other on adjacent pages, and the traditional character text follows at the end of each lesson.

  • Completely revised edition
  • Original two-volume set now consolidated into one convenient volume
  • Selections of literary works and essays explore contemporary Chinese social issues
  • Each selection begins with an introduction to the author and concludes with discussion questions
  • Simplified character text and corresponding vocabulary sit on facing pages
  • Traditional character text appears at the end of each lesson

Advanced Modern Chinese: Learning through Contemporary Film aims to develop advanced-level Chinese students’ language skills through movies and broaden their knowledge about China, while also developing their appreciation of the artistic characteristics of film.

This textbook is based on the principles of content-based instruction and ACTFL Foreign Language Proficiency Guidelines for the “advanced” level. The authors carefully selected ten movies, of which eight were released after 2015, by filmmakers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Rich themes are covered in this book and placed in ascending order from easy to difficult. The authors provide an informative movie critique in each lesson, followed by exercises on new words and grammar, pre-class preparation questions, in-depth classroom discussion points and after-class exercises on reading and writing. The authors also provide commentary on film cinematography covering topics such as film type, lens type, sound, editing and light in order to allow students to explore and analyze the artistic characteristics of film more systematically.

This textbook is specially designed for advanced-level Chinese students to learn Chinese through movies.

A Boy and his Dragon

Once upon a time, a Little Boy was living in a village near the woods. One day, a Dragon came out of the cave secluded in the middle of the forest and began to relentlessly follow the Little Boy, always breathing on the back of his neck, burning the young boy at his slightest misstep.

The child received refuge in an old Temple where there were no mirrors allowed, and it was forbidden to speak of life before entering the sanctum. Ancient books, hidden rooms with unimaginable treasures and beauty beyond comprehension, became part of the boy’s new life.

Time went by until, one day, the now old young boy accidentally glimpses his own reflection in a pond. The Dragon smiled back.

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