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Chinese learning materials

This page is dedicated to providing you with useful Chinese learning resources to aid you in your temple journey, ranging from lists and tables to mini-apps and downloadable content. We recommend that you regularly check the page for fresh content.

An interactive display of the Kang Xi radicals in Mandarin Chinese. Learn about their meaning, pronunciation, and etymology, practice how to write them and browse through the characters they help create.


For best results regarding pronunciation, take a look at this Pinyin table, which presents every possible combination of initials and finals in Mandarin Chinese & features native audio demonstrations for each of the five tones.

A Boy and his Dragon

Once upon a time, a Little Boy was living in a village near the woods. One day, a Dragon came out of the cave secluded in the middle of the forest and began to relentlessly follow the Little Boy, always breathing on the back of his neck, burning the young boy at his slightest misstep.

The child received refuge in an old Temple where there were no mirrors allowed, and it was forbidden to speak of life before entering the sanctum. Ancient books, hidden rooms with unimaginable treasures and beauty beyond comprehension, became part of the boy’s new life.

Time went by until, one day, the now old young boy accidentally glimpses his own reflection in a pond. The Dragon smiled back.

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