阳台 yángtái

阳台 yángtái Meaning

Learn the Pinyin Pronunciation and 4 English Translations of the word 阳台 yángtái .

Pīnyīn Pronunciation
yángtái | yang2 tai2
English translation
variant of 陽臺
>阳台 yángtái [yáng tái]

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About 阳台 yángtái

Read some general information about the Chinese word 阳台 yángtái .

Traditional form


Part of speech

Noun / 名词 míng cí Míngcí
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Etymology of 阳台 yángtái

Familiarize yourself with the origin and historical aspects of the Chinese word 阳台 yángtái .





The traditional characters yīn (Yin) and yáng (Yang) were simplified to Yīn and yáng . In Chinese philosophy, the moon ( yuè ) corresponds to Yin ( Yīn ) and the sun () corresponds to Yang ( yáng ).

Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes



Phonosemantic compound. kǒu represents the meaning and represents the sound. kǒu (mouth) indicates that the character is only "mouthed", i.e. only used for its phonetic value. In simplified Chinese Tái is also used to mean "table; counter", while in tradition

Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes


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Example sentences using 阳台 yángtái

Broaden your vocabulary by interacting with 5 audio-assisted sentences using the Chinese word 阳台 yángtái in different contexts.

俯身 fǔ shēn zài 阳台 yángtái 栏杆 lán gān shǎng duì 楼下 lóu xià de 人们 rén men hǎn zhāo .

She leaned over the balustrade and shouted to the man downstairs.

Lóu shǎng de měi 房间 fángjiān dōu yǒu fēi yán zhē 阴的阳台 yángtái .

Each upstairs room opened on a balcony shaded by an overhanging roof.

zài 阳台 yángtái shǎng 木盆 zhǒng 玫瑰 méi guī .

He grows roses in tubs on the terrace.

我们 wǒmen zài 阳光 yángguāng 灿烂 cànlàn de 阳台 yángtái shǎng Tán le fēn zhǒng .

We talked for a few minutes on the sunny porch.

他们 tā men zài 阳台 yángtái shǎng 喝咖啡 chá

They had their coffee and tea on the veranda.

阳台 yángtái Decomposition

See the 4 Chinese characters that make up 阳台 yángtái and their own compounds.

阳台 yángtái Compounds

See all 47 Chinese words that contain the characters that make up the word 阳台 yángtái in their composition.

  • yáng
    • Tái
      • zhì
        • ,
      • shǐ , tāi , tái , tái , tái , , dài , dài , , chī , , , tái , hāi , dài , shǐ , tái , tái , , , , dài , tái , dài , tái , , , , , , , , 紿, , , , , , , , tái , , , ,
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