讲座 jiǎngzuò

讲座 jiǎngzuò Meaning

Learn the Pinyin Pronunciation and 3 English Translations of the word 讲座 jiǎngzuò .

Pīnyīn Pronunciation
jiǎngzuò | jiang3 zuo4
English translation
a course of lectures

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About 讲座 jiǎngzuò

Read some general information about the Chinese word 讲座 jiǎngzuò .

Traditional form


Part of speech

Noun / 名词 míng cí Míngcí
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Etymology of 讲座 jiǎngzuò

Familiarize yourself with the origin and historical aspects of the Chinese word 讲座 jiǎngzuò .





Phonosemantic compound. yán represents the meaning and Jǐng represents the sound. Simplified form of jiǎng .

Phonetic compound


Semantic compound


Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes





Phonosemantic compound. 广 Guǎng represents the meaning and Zuò represents the sound.

Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes


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Example sentences using 讲座 jiǎngzuò

Broaden your vocabulary by interacting with 4 audio-assisted sentences using the Chinese word 讲座 jiǎngzuò in different contexts.

感到 gǎn dào yǐn 讲座 jiǎngzuò shí lǎo 走神 zǒu shén .

I felt my attention wandering during the lecture.

教学 jiào xué 形式 xíngshì wéi 讲座 jiǎngzuò 研讨 yán tǎo

Teaching is by lectures and seminars.

de 讲座 jiǎngzuò 学究气 tài nóng 没意思 méi yì si

His lecture was so pedantic and uninteresting.

他们 tā men jiù 坐在那儿 nà r 没完没了 méi wán méi liǎo 地聊明天 míngtiān yāo yǐn 哪些 nǎ xiē 讲座 jiǎngzuò

They just sat there wittering about what lectures they had tomorrow.

讲座 jiǎngzuò Decomposition

See the 5 Chinese characters that make up 讲座 jiǎngzuò and their own compounds.

讲座 jiǎngzuò Compounds

See all 1 Chinese words that contain the characters that make up the word 讲座 jiǎngzuò in their composition.

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