能源 néngyuán

能源 néngyuán Meaning

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Pīnyīn Pronunciation
néngyuán | neng2 yuan2
English translation
power source

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About 能源 néngyuán

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Traditional form

能源 néngyuán

Part of speech

Noun / 名词 míng cí Míngcí
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Etymology of 能源 néngyuán

Familiarize yourself with the origin and historical aspects of the Chinese word 能源 néngyuán .





Pictograph of a bear holding meat in its mouth. Based on the original meaning "bear". The meaning of this character has shifted over time and now means "ability; power".

Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes





Phonosemantic compound. shuǐ represents the meaning and yuán represents the sound.

Phonetic compound


Semantic compound


Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes


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Example sentences using 能源 néngyuán

Broaden your vocabulary by interacting with 5 audio-assisted sentences using the Chinese word 能源 néngyuán in different contexts.

jiù 石油 shíyóu 能源 néngyuán 而言 ér yán , 我们 wǒmen 节省 jiéshěng 愈好.

As far as oil energy is concerned, we cannot be too frugal.

gāi 委员会 wěi yuán huì Zhōng 安插 ān chā jìn le 几位来自 láizì 能源 néngyuán 生产 shēngchǎn zhōu de 成员 chéngyuán

The committee is stacked with members from energy-producing states.

能源 néngyuán 价格 jiàgé 一直 yīzhí 维持 wéichí 水平 shuǐpíng 所以 suǒyǐ 能源 néngyuán 利用效率 hěn

Energy prices have been kept low, so energy is used inefficiently.

巴西 Bā xī 称其宪法 xiànfǎ 禁止 jìnzhǐ 个人 gèrén 占有 zhàn yǒu 能源 néngyuán 资产 zīchǎn

Brazil says its constitution forbids the private ownership of energy assets.

用来 yòng lái 指称 zhǐ chēng 波尔多 Bō ěr duō 葡萄酒 pú tao jiǔ de claret可能 kěnéng 源于 yuán yú 法语 Fǎ yǔ 单词 dān cí clairet。

The term "claret", used to describe Bordeaux wines, may come from the French word "clairet".

能源 néngyuán Decomposition

See the 8 Chinese characters that make up 能源 néngyuán and their own compounds.

能源 néngyuán Compounds

See all 5 Chinese words that contain the characters that make up the word 能源 néngyuán in their composition.

  • Néng
    • Xióng
    • nài , nài , tài ,
  • yuán
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