反映 fǎnyìng

反映 fǎnyìng Meaning

Learn the Pinyin Pronunciation and 7 English Translations of the word 反映 fǎnyìng .

Pīnyīn Pronunciation
fǎnyìng | fan3 ying4
English translation
to mirror
to reflect
mirror image
(fig.) to report
to make known
to render

Learn the Chinese word 反映 fǎnyìng in 7 easy steps:

About 反映 fǎnyìng

Read some general information about the Chinese word 反映 fǎnyìng .

Traditional form

反映 fǎnyìng

Part of speech

Verb / 动词 dòng cí Dòngcí
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Etymology of 反映 fǎnyìng

Familiarize yourself with the origin and historical aspects of the Chinese word 反映 fǎnyìng .





Pictograph of a hand ( yòu ) climbing a cliff ( hǎn ). Based on original meaning "pull", later extended to "turn around", "oppose".

Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes





Phonosemantic compound. represents the meaning and yāng represents the sound. Simplified form of .

Phonetic compound


Semantic compound

Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes


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Example sentences using 反映 fǎnyìng

Broaden your vocabulary by interacting with 5 audio-assisted sentences using the Chinese word 反映 fǎnyìng in different contexts.

人们 rén men 脸上 shì 阴沉沉 yīn chén chén de ,愁眉不展 chóu méi bù zhǎn , 反映 fǎnyìng zhāo 凄楚 qī chǔ de 心情 xīnqíng .

It looked on downcast faces, the images of mournful hearts.

苦行僧似的 shìde shòu liǎn 反映 fǎnyìng chū 正在 zhèngzài 冥思苦索 míng sī kǔ suǒ .

His thin, ascetic face mirrows an intensity of thought.

Gōng 反映 fǎnyìng tiān chèng de 启示 qǐshì : fēn xiǎng huò 分离 fēn lí .

The 7 th reflects the lesson of Libra: share or separate.

zài mèng Zhōng 焦虑不安 jiāo lǜ bù ān 反映 fǎnyìng le 白天 bái tiān 生活 shēnghuó de 基调 jī diào

Her dreams were troubled, reflecting the tenor of her waking hours.

旅游业 lǚ yóu yè 经营者 jīng yíng zhě 反映 fǎnyìng 客房 kè fáng 入住率

Tour operators report low occupancy rates.

反映 fǎnyìng Decomposition

See the 5 Chinese characters that make up 反映 fǎnyìng and their own compounds.

反映 fǎnyìng Compounds

See all 26 Chinese words that contain the characters that make up the word 反映 fǎnyìng in their composition.

  • fǎn
    • bǎn
    • bān
    • fàn , bǎn , pàn , fàn , fǎn , bǎn , bǎn , guī , bǎn , jiǎ , bǎn , Biàn , fàn , pān , bǎn , fǎn , , , , , bǎn , fàn , , fàn
  • yìng
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