原因 yuányīn

原因 yuányīn Meaning

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Pīnyīn Pronunciation
yuányīn | yuan2 yin1
English translation
root cause

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About 原因 yuányīn

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Traditional form

原因 yuányīn

Part of speech

Noun / 名词 míng cí Míngcí
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Etymology of 原因 yuányīn

Familiarize yourself with the origin and historical aspects of the Chinese word 原因 yuányīn .





Depicts a spring ( quán ) originating ( yuán ) from a cliff ( hǎn ).

Phonetic compound


Semantic compound


Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes



Pictograph of clothing surrounding ( wéi ) a person ( rén ), now written as yīn . The current meaning is a phonetic loan.

Positional decomposition


Number of Strokes


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Example sentences using 原因 yuányīn

Broaden your vocabulary by interacting with 5 audio-assisted sentences using the Chinese word 原因 yuányīn in different contexts.

shuí Néng Zhā 清楚 qīngchu zhè 椅子 yǐzi huài diào de 原因 yuányīn ne ?

Can anybody cast light upon how this chair got broken?

shì de 晚餐 wǎn cān zài hōng xiāng bèi 烘焦 de 原因 yuányīn ?

Is that why my dinner's drying out in the oven?

ruò 不是 bú shi yǒu liǎng 原因 yuányīn ,安东尼 Ān dōng ní 或许 huòxǔ Néng 战胜 zhàn shèng 大维.

Antony might have won against Octavian except for two things.

zhè 正是 zhèng shì 为什么 wèishénme 单单 dān dān xuǎn péi 史密斯 Shǐ mì sī 先生 Xiānsheng de 原因 yuányīn .

That's why I singled you out to go to the theater with Mr Smith.

zhè shì 不是 bú shi lòng 穷愁 qióng chóu 潦倒 liáo dǎo de 原因 yuányīn ?

That's what has impoverished him, eh?

原因 yuányīn Decomposition

See the 6 Chinese characters that make up 原因 yuányīn and their own compounds.

原因 yuányīn Compounds

See all 38 Chinese words that contain the characters that make up the word 原因 yuányīn in their composition.

  • yuán
    • yuàn , yuán , yuán , yuán , yuán , yuán , , , , , , , , ,
  • yīn
    • ēn
    • yān , yīn , yān , yīn , yān , yīn , yīn , yīn , yān , yīn , , yīn , yīn , yīn , , , , ,
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